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Austin A30 - 1956

I bought my !956 4 door A30 in I985. It lay in a barn for 9 years;  the body was in sound condition although I expected many of the components to be seized including the engine. I had a spare engine and acquired wheel cyclinders and seals through the club and had most bits rechromed . I sprayed the car powder blue. Interior is original. Mainly used in the Spring and Autumn months when the weather allows -  the older generation love to see the car and talk about their A30s that they had owned. It seems to bring back good memories for them. I enjoy driving it and watching the response from passers by as they smile and point. Even the youngsters like the car and if they could would like to own one  as it is so different and gives them a sense of identity.

Some fact re: A30/35. Thought about in the 1940s   -   Appeared in the 1951 Earls Court Motor  Show. - cost £504     -Also available were the van, estate, pick up and only one convertible made (I think). Pick ups are very rare. In 1959 the arrival of the new mini saw the end of the A30s. 222,823 A30s were built and 34% exported. About the same number of A35. Now about 5000 are registered with the DVLA. There is a local Club and we meet on the 1st Mon. of each month at 7-30 at the Old Oak Arlington. Mike Rosner.


4 Cylinders in line

Bore: 58mm, Stroke: 76mm

Displacement: 803cc

Valvegear: o.h.v push rods & rockers

Compression ratio: 9:1

Carburettors: Zenith 26VME or 26JS or a single SU Type HS2

Power output: 30bhp at

4,800 rpm



Clutch: Borg and Beck 61/4in

single dry plate

Gearbox: 4 speed with direct drive

in top, synchromesh on 3 upper ratios

Propellar Shaft: tubular, needle roller bearing universal joints


Maximum speed: 63 mph

Acceleration: 0-50 mph 23.2secs



Pressed steel disc, 5.20 x 13in crossply


Dimensions & Weight

Wheelbase: 6ft 7in

Track - front: 3ft 9in

Track - rear: 3ft 9in

Overall length: 11ft 6in

Overall width: 4ft 6in

Overall height: 4ft 8in

Ground clearance: 61/2in

Turning circle: 32ft

Kerb weight: 15cwt

Tank capacity: 6 gallons

Overall fuel consumption: 35mpg


Unitary, all steel body



Worm & peg

2.3 turns lock to lock



Lockheed hydraulic,

7in drums all round



Front: Independent, coil springs with wishbones, and lever arm hydaulic shock absorbers

Rear: Live axle with semi-elliptic, leaf springs and lever arm shock absorbers



A30 Saloon 1953-56: 160,000

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