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The Bexhill 100 Motoring Club

PO Box 159

Bexhill - on - Sea

East Sussex

TN39 3XE

Bexhill 100 Motoring Club

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Bexhill on Sea - The Birthplace of British Motor Racing (1902)

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Morris Minor Coach-built Saloon 1930


4 Cylinders in line, OHC

Bore & stroke: 57mm x 83mm

Displacement: 847cc

Compression ratio: 4.751 to 1

Carburation: single SU 7/8in diam

Power output: 19bhp at 4,000 rpm

RAC rating: 8.056hp



Clutch: single, dry plate 6 1/2in diam

Gearbox: 3 speed, no synchromesh

Ratios: 1st: 3.5 to 1, second 1.833 to 1,

top: 1 to 1

Propellar Shaft: Shaft and spiral bevel

Rear wheel drive



Cable operated 8in drums all round


Maximum Speed: 55 mph

Acceleration: 0-50 N/A

Overall fuel comsumption: 45-49mpg



Bishop cam



Front & rear: semi elliptic leaf spring with single

action friction dampers



Chassis: steel ladder type

Tub: ash frame with steel skin

Wings & bonnet: pressed steel panels

Interior: wood dash

Wheels & Tyres

3 stud bolt-on 3.50 x 19 in wire

400 x 19in crossply


Dimensions & Weight

Wheelbase: 78in

Track - front & rear: 42in

Toe in: 1/8 in

Castor angle: 3 in

Overall length: 120 in

Overall width: 49.5 in

Overall height: 57 in

Ground clearance: 5.5 in

Turning circle: 34ft 6 in

Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 gals

Sump capacity: 7.25 pints



Sept 1928 - Aug 1934: 86,309

It was bought by me off a chap in Cooden who's father in Crowborough had left it too him in his will. The son had never wanted the vehicle as he felt it was too much work for him to get it back on the road. But the father really wanted him to have it, and so that's how it made its way from Crowborough to Cooden Bexhill. The Morris had been in the same family since being first bought on 09/10/1930 and stayed all its entire life in Crowborough East Sussex. I understand it longest trip ever outside Crowbrough was in 1934 and totalled 27 miles from home! In 1940 it was used very little due to the War and painted dark blue then black. It's colour when new was morris maroon. In 1957 it was laid up in a small shed at the bottom of the family's garden for 48 years, at one time the back seat in the car being used by the family dog 'pip' as a bed in the summer months.This is how the car became to be known as Pip. In 2005 the old Morris made its way from Crowborough to Cooden where it rested in a garage until I bought it on 09/10/08 exactly 78 years to the day when it was first registered, making me its 2nd owner! After a few years in my ownership I found the right guy in Ray Bennett (Bexhill100 member) who would be able to restore the old Morris to its former glory. Lee Dunn


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