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1971 Rover P6 3.5 V8 

Heidi’s granddad had a Rover P6 from new and she said that she would like one by the time she was 50 (this year!!!). We saw the car advertised on ebay but we had the Cortina 1600E and the Austin 100 Vanden Plas to sell first. Heidi sold the Austin and the Rover wasn’t sold, it came up for a second time but we still hadn’t sold the Cortina, when it came up for sale for the third time Heidi told me to buy it even though we still had the Cortina. Who could argue with her, so we bought it, sight unseen, then drove to North Torrington in Devon to pick the car up. Heidi loves her!!! Car and lets me drive it occasionally, if I’ve been good. The car has the Rover V8 3.5litre, it has a 390 Holley Carburettor fitted a bug-catcher scoop. It also has spiders and webs on the body work, in the paintwork, wasn’t sure at first but love it now. Designer Spen King, Gordon Bashford, David Bache.



This 1971 Rover P6 SDX 119J was used in Life on Mars Series 2 Episode 4 “Suburban Swingers”.

John Simm (Sam Tyler) and Liz White (Annie Cartwright) are seen driving up to a party posing as “Tony and Cherie Blair”.


Aluminium block

8 cylinders OHV

Bore: 88.9mm, Stroke: 71.12mm

Displacement: 3,528cc

Valves:OH 16, hydraulic lifters

Compression ratio: 10.0 to 1

Carburettors: Two SU HS6 1.75in

Power output: 160.5bhp at 5,200rpm

Torque: 203 lb/ft at 2,600rpm



Non-stressed steel outer panels bolted on unitary steel body with safety cage



3-speed automatic B/W 35 and

later B/W 65


Power assisted

Front: discs, Rear: inboard disc



Rack and pinion



Front: Independent coil,

anti-roll bar

Rear: de Dion tube suspension



5 stud, 16in pressed steel

6.50 x 14in radial tyres

Dimensions & Weight

Wheelbase: 103.3in

Track - front: 53.4in

Track - rear: 51.7in

Overall length: 179.8in

Overall width: 66in

Overall height: 55.7in

Ground clearance: 6.1in

Turning circle: 35.8 ft

Fuel tank: 15gals

Kerb weight: 26.3cwt




81,057 produced

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