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1953 ASTON MARTIN DB 2/4 Mk 1

Manufactured at the Feltham factory in 1953 and first registered January 1954. Sold to a Mr Malverone for £2.600 + purchase tax as a 21st birthday present for his son. Sold six months later to A. J. Harmsworth (of magazines and encyclopedia fame) also as a present for his son. Little history recorded for the car from thereon, but it was used in various club events and last actively seen in the paddock at Silverstone in 1966. The last registered owner was Mr Peter J. Brown. It then passed to another un-registered owner who totally dismantled the car into component parts, and subsequently died; the car was purchased from his widow in 1976, and came as two trailer loads of pats. The present owner and his wife took four years for the mechanical rebuild, and a further year to complete the interior and trim.

OLF 756 has now covered 88,000 miles of touring and road rallying etc through England and Europe, and driven on many of the racing circuits.

All work in the restoration (other than crankshaft regrinding) has been completed totally, by us; all carried out in a single garage.

One great coincidence, my name is also Peter J. Brown (the same as the last log book entry in 1966!).


6 Cylinder in line, OHV

Bore: 83mm

Stroke: 90 mm

Displacement: 2,922 cc

Compression ratio: 8.2-1

Piston area: 50.3 sq in

Valves: overhead(twin o.h. camshafts)

Carburettors: twin SU

Max power: 140 bhp at 5,000rpm



4 speed manual

Clutch: s.d.p. Borg & Beck

Ratios: top 3.77, 3rd 5.01,

2nd 7.45,

1st 11.0, reverse 11.0 to one

Propellar Shaft: Hardy Spicer open

Final drive: Salisbury hypoid


Maximum speed: 120mph

Acceleration: 0-60 mph 11.1 secs



Knock-on 16in wire wheels

with 16 x 6.00 crossply tyres


Dimensions & Weight

Wheelbase: 8ft 3in

Track front & rear: 4ft 6in

Overall length: 14ft 31/2in

Overall width: 5ft 101/2in

Overall height: 4ft 61/2in

Ground clearance: 81/2in

Dry weight: 231/2cwt

Turning circle: 35ft


Multi tube spaceframe,

aluminium panels



Burman re-circlating ball



Front: independent coil & trailing arms Rear: rigid axle & parrallelogram linkage

Shock absorbers: Armstrong hydraulic



Mkl: 1953-54 565

Saloon: 451

Drophead: 102

Chassis: 12

Mkll: 1954-57 199

Price new: £2,889

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