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The Bexhill 100 Motoring Club

PO Box 159

Bexhill - on - Sea

East Sussex

TN39 3XE

Bexhill 100 Motoring Club

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Bexhill on Sea - The Birthplace of British Motor Racing (1902)

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Morris 8 Z-Van 1951

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A van version of the Series E, rated at 5 cwt capacity and designated as the Series Z, was produced from 1940 to 1954. While having the external appearance similar to the Series E, mechanically the vans were more akin to the Series II, still having a three speed gearbox. Over 51,000 examples were built.


Barn find ex GPO telephones originally in Green Livery purchased from GPO Maidstone by Previous Owner I 1965 and hand painted red and black. “wrong” Morris series E car front and telescopic shock absorber conversion believed to have been fitted in GPO workshops.

Laid up in 1965 and returned to road in March 2013. Owned since October 2011 by Charlie Rowland


4 cylinder in line, side valve

Monoblock cylinder head

3 bearing crankshaft

Bore & Stroke: 57mm x 90mm

Displacement: 918cc

Pistons: split-skirt light alloy

Type: 3 ring type

Compression ratio:6.5 to 1

Carburation: single SU

Power output: 23.5 bhp at 3,900rpm



6-volt coil, 14mm Champion L10 plugs



RWD, 3 speed gearbox, synchromesh on 2nd and top, single,

Dry plate 6.5in clutch

Propeller Shaft: Hardy Spicer Type


Maximum speed: 63.8mph

Acceleration: 0-50mph 32secs

Overall fuel consumption: 36mpg



Pressed steel body on a double box section

Type st3el chassis


Wheels & Tyres

6 stud 17n pressed steel 4.50/17 crossply tyre



Lockheed Hydraulic on 8in drums



Semi eliptic front and rear with Armstrong

Hydraulic shock absorbers


Bishop cam



Wheelbase: 7ft 5in

Track front: 3ft 9 5/8in

Track rear: 3ft 10 ¼in

Overall length: 4ft 8in

Overall width: 4ft 8in

Overall height: 5ft 2in

Ground clearance: 6.8in

Kerb weight: 1,573 lbs

Tank capacity: 5 ½ gallons

Sump capacity: 5 pints


Production: 1940-1953

Approx. 51,000 produced

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