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Morgan Plus Eight 1980

The car is 1980 alloy bodied carb model (not injection) now 34 years old, the original colour was resprayed about five years ago. I cannot find the V5 at moment but am about the sixth owner. The last owner past away and paperwork was lost, so I downloaded MOT copies from the DVLA. The car is showing 105,000 miles and this ties up with the MOT history. It drives very well with a five-speed gearbox and is very easy to service. The alloy wheels are standard fitting to all V8 models.

Morgan build three wheeler cars, and 4/4 denotes 4 cylinder 4 wheels and this model is a Plus Eight denoting a V8 engine which as most will know, is the Rover V8; it is very economical and great fun to drive. and gets admired everywhere we go. This model is still made, but with a BMW V8 and costs £80,000 plus! The only problem I have with the car is at traffic lights; a bit too much right foot and the wheels spin. It was very fast in her day, and still can put on a good show. Here is the naughty bit - it is great for drifting around roundabouts - not that I do, well not very often! 

I am not a member of the Morgan Club as I do not like one make car clubs. Cheers, Rob.


Rover V8.

Cubic capacity: 3,950cc

Compression ratio: 9.35:1

Bore: x 94.0 mm

Stroke: 71.12mm

Firing order: 1L, 8R, 4R, 3L, 6R, 5L, 7R, 2R

Power (kw @ rpm)140 @ 4800

Torque (NM) 305 @ 3500

Valves: pushrods, overhead with hydraulic tappets



0 to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds.

Top speed 128 mph.

Fuel Consumption

Overall: 20mpg range on full tank: 250 miles



Aluminium panels on treated ash hardwood frame Zinc plated fittings


Rover five speed and reverse gearbox, Synchromesh on all forward gears.

Ratios 1st: 3.32, 2nd 2.09, 3rd: 1.39, 4th: 1.0, 5th 0.79, reverse: 3,43 to 1



Hydraulic dual brake system with vacuum servo assistance. AP Lockheed 4 pot callipers acting on

11" diameter discs on front wheels.

9 " x 1.75 "drum brake



Deep Z-shaped steel section with five boxed or tubular cross members.



Rack and pinion.

Three turns lock to lock.

Turning circle 32 feet.


195 60 VR15 tyres on

5 stud 15in alloy wheels



Front wheels are independently sprung by patented Morgan

‘sliding pillar’suspension with vertical coil springs.

Semi-elliptical rear springs.

Gas filled telescopic shock absorbers at front and rear.


Dimensions & Weight

Wheelbase: 8ft 2in

Track - front: 4ft 5in

Track - rear: 4ft 6in

Overall length: 13ft

Overall width: 5ft 3in

Overall height (hood up): 4ft

Ground Clearance: 5.5in

Kerb weight: 2,140 lbs

Fuel tank capacity: 12.5 gals

Turning circle: 37ft

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