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New Year's Run 2024

Sunday 7th January

The first club gathering has always been New Year’s Run. In the past it was held on New Year’s Day, but it was then decided to hold it on the first Sunday of the new year.

Normally a close guarded secret of destination and route, only given out on arrival. Meeting at the DLWP for a sharp getaway at 10am, around 20 cars set off to the first destination, Tenterden Garden Centre. A coffee or tea stop was welcomed after the first stage of windy pothole dodging roads, but beautiful countryside. The garden centre was huge (note to self - must return for a visit).

Our hosts then gave us the second part of our route, along with the quiz questions to try and find clues along the way; this is no easy feat if you have not done it before. Setting out, our clues were found - not all, but a reasonable amount. Seeing Alan and Julie Timms heading towards us in the wrong direction made us think, are we are on the correct route? This does happen on most runs out lol! Eventually arriving at our final destination, the Broad Oak pub in Brede saw us all gather. Once seated, our quiz answers were given out - the winners were Brian Bergman-Field and Doreen Slatter with a very impressive high score of 33 out of 34. The pub made us welcome, so thanks to all the staff.

It’s not easy to organise these runs out and try to find suitable venues, but yet again Mark and Sue Hammett did an amazing job - thank you both.

Chris and Heidi Speck.

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