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MGBGT 1971

Purchased for £1,462.84 in1971 from H. Prosser & Sons Ltd. of Glasgow (British Leyland Dealers) by David Carpenter of Tarbet. Came down to Camberley, Surrey in 1982. Unused for twenty years.   Purchased in Executors sale by Surrey Sports and Classics of Ripley, Surrey, in 2004. Came to Hailsham in 2005 and purchased by me in June 2009. Now attends classic car shows and MGCC events.   Has been up the Test Hill at Brooklands, round the short circuit at Brands Hatch , Joined in the MGCC Regency run from Brooklands to Brighton and attended the MGB's 50th Birthday Party at Blenheim Palace in 2012. Gillian Beecher


Cylinders: 4 inline

Bore: 80.26mm

Stroke: 88.9mm

Displacement: 1,798cc

Valves: Pushrod/overhead

Compression Ratio: 8.8:1

Crankshaft Bearings: 5

Caburettors: Twin SU 1.5in HS4

Power Out;put: 95bhp at 5400rpm



Clutch: 9.5in Borg and Beck, Single dry-plate


Gearbox: 4-speed, all synchromesh

Ratios: Top 1.0, 3rd 1.25, 2nd 1.97 1st 3.13,

reverse 2.81

Overdrive: Laycock Type LH 0.82

Final Drive 3.7:1


Maximum Speed: 103mph

Acceleration: 0-60mph 14secs

Approx fuel consump.: 26mpg



Lockheed servo assisted

Front: 10.75in disc,

Rear: 10 x 1.75in drum



Rack and pinion, 2.9 turns lock to lock



Front: Independent coil and wishbone

Rear: semi-elliptic leaf

Lever arm dampers front and back


14 x 5J, 4 stud bolt on, Rostyle



Unitary, all steel


Dimensions & Weight

Wheelbase: 7ft 7in

Track- front: 4ft 1in

Track - rear: 4ft 1.25in

Overall height: 4ft 1.4in

Ground clearance: 4.5in

Turning circle: 34ft

Kerb weight: 21.25cwt



MGB GT 1965-80:

Number built 125,323

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