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Pauline Forward's MG TD 1950

The car was built as a right-hand drive export model, manufactured on 13th June 1950 at the Abingdon works. The car was exported to Kenya in the 1950's, one of ten that year. The car is understood to have spent most of its early life in various East and South African countries. The MG was then re-imported into the UK in the 1986. Pauline Forward

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Cylinders: 4 in-line

Valves: 8 over head type

Bore & Stroke: 66.5mm x 90.0mm

Displacement: 1250cc

Valves: Pushrod/overhead

Compression ratio: 7.3 to 1

Carburetors: Two 1.25in SU

Power output: 54bhp at 5,200rpm



Clutch: &.25in Borg and Beck

Ingle dry-plate diaphragm

Gearbox: 4-speed synchromesh on

2nd, 3rd and top gears

Ratio: Top 5.125, 3rd 7.093, 2nd 10.61,

1st 17.94, reverse 4.76


Maximum speed: 78.9

Acceleration: 0-60mph: 19.4sec

Overall fuel consumption: 26.3pmg



Lockheed hydraulic, drums all round



Rack and pinion, 2.75 turns lock to lock

Turning circle: 32 feet



Front: independent coil & unequal wishbones

Rear: semi-elliptic, leaf spring


Pressed steel 4.5j x 15inc disc


Ladder-type chassis, ash framed

Steel body


Dimensions & Weight

Wheelbase: 7ft 10in

Track – front: 3ft 11.5in

Track- rear: 4ft 2in

Overall length: 12ft 1in

Overall width: 4ft 10.6in

Overall height: 4ft 5in

Kerb weight: 2005lbs


Production 1949-53

Export: 23,488

Home: 1,656

Cars built: 29,664

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