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Les Fuller Memorial Trophy

In February 2015,  I had an email via the Bexhill100mc website from Debby and John Fuller, asking if they could donate a trophy. John’s father had died in October 2014 and, where his father worked at Ashdene Garage, London Road, Hurst Green, they raised a substantial sum of money in Les’s memory for a memorial trophy to be presented at our show each year. 


Les attended our show each year in his red MG Midget. After a couple of meetings and various emails with Debby and John, we had a discussion about the new trophy and, as the club has trophies for the show, I proposed this idea that Tom Mason and I had, which was that this trophy could be presented when we have our club shows along the seafront, Debby and John liked the idea. The trophy is called, after some discussion, “BEST IN CLUB” which is for club members only.

Scan 10
Les with his wife, Val  

Debby and John were unable to present the trophy at our seafront show that July, so I asked if Brian Storkey would judge and present the trophy, which he agreed to do. The car for the first presentation was Heidi’s Rover P6. The weather was not good, rain again as it has done on so many occasions this year, but we made the best of it as we normally do.    


Paul Brailsford

Winners so far


Heidi & Chris; Ron & Sally; Lynn & Paul; Ron & Sally; Ron & Juliette; Richard & Julia; Allan & Gillian; John & Dori; David Chappell; Robert & Sue; Clive Heddle; Martin Rhodes; Ron & Sally; Jan Parmenter; Clive Heddel, Phil Lewry, Pauline Forward, Trevor Hudson, Terry Bing, Bob Whittome, Chris & Heidi; Ray Forward; Sid Piggott; John Busbridge; Tim Branch; Chris Hall; Ernie Eldridge;

David & Carol; Ian & Lorraine Parkes; John Miles; Mick Bennett; Leon Smith; Alan Timms; Jamie Stevens; Paul O'Donoghue

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