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East Sussex

TN39 3XE

Bexhill 100 Motoring Club

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Bexhill on Sea - The Birthplace of British Motor Racing (1902)

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Nash Metropolitan 1958

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BMC 'B' type

4 cylinder in-line,

8 overhead valves

Displacement: 1,489cc

Bore: 73.025mm Stroke: 89mm

Compression ratio: 7.2:1

Valves: 2 per cylinder

Main bearings: 3

Carburettor: Zenith downdraught

Power output: 78bhp at 4,100rpm


Maximum speed: 75mph

Acceleration: 0-50mph 15.3secs

0-60mph: 24.8secs

Overall fuel consumption: 29mpg


Pressed steel monocoque

November 1955 saw the start of Metropolitan Series III (NK3) production (Commencing with VIN E21008 on 28 November 1955). A redesign at this time saw the Metropolitan's B-Series engine increased in capacity to 1,498 cc (91.4 cu in) (as used in the Austin A50 Cambridge). Polished stainless steel sweep-spears on the body sides allowed a new two-tone finish to be incorporated, which had the cosmetic effect of lowering, slimming and lengthening the car. The new exterior colors were P905 "Caribbean Green", P910 "Sunburst Yellow", and P911 "Coral Red" with P909 "Snowberry White" as a contrast. The grille was also redesigned, and the hood had its non-functional hood scoop removed. American Motors changed the designation to "Metropolitan 1500" to differentiate it from the earlier 1,200 cc (73 cu in) models. The interior was also changed to incorporate a "houndstooth" check material for the seats trimmed with white vinyl. The dashboard was also now painted black, rather than the body color as was the case for Series I and II Metropolitans.

Series 3 hood ornament

In September 1957, AMC announced that it was dropping the Nash and Hudson brand names. The Metropolitan was subsequently marketed under the "Metropolitan" name only, and sold through Rambler dealers. It is believed that the Nash and Hudson Grille medallions were discontinued around October 1956 (VIN E28326); they were replaced with the "M" style grille medallion.

Price new in 1957 Hard top: £475 + £238 17s purchase tax Contvertible: £482 10s + £242 12s purchase tax


3-speed manual, column change

Ratios: top 4.22, 2nd 6.288, 1st 11.985, rev 14.264

Syncromesh on 2nd & top

Clutch: Borg & Beck s.d.p.Propeller shaft: open Hardy spicer

Final drive: Hypoid bevel

Rear wheel drive


Girling Hydraulic, Front & rear: 8in drum

Friction lining area:


Cam and lever

Turning circle L: 35ft R:36ft

Lock to lock 2.87 turns


Front: ind. coil & wishbone Rear: semi eliptic leaf

Wheels & tyres

4 stud, 13in, pressed steel Tyres 520 x 13 tubless

Dimensions & Weight

Wheelbase: 7ft 1in

Track front: 3ft 9.25in Track rear: 3ft 9in

Overall length: 12ft 5in Overall width: 5ft

Overall height: 4ft 8in Ground clearance: 6in

Kerb weight: 17cwt

Fuel tank: 8.75gals Sump: 7pints

Gearbox: 4.5pints

Cooling: 13.3pints

Austin Metropolitan Production

1956 -1961, longbridge

Total Austin Metropolitan RHD production:

approx 9,390 cars

Total Metropolitan 1953-61 production: approx 95,000

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