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Vehicles of Yesteryear 2022

Saturday the 2nd of April, the first car show, the Annual Vehicles of Yesteryear held at Pevensey Bay. The weather as always affects this car show, this one was no exception, although bright and sunny the wind from the east was cold especially when the sun was covered by clouds. Totally different to the previous week-ends weather.


There were 100 cars entered, I didn’t count them, but the show was well attended as you can see from the photographs. I was advised that some did not venture out as it was very cold first thing. I had the Elva booked in but used the Cosie instead so I could at least get away from the cold.


The club was very well represented, at around 10:00 seven of us went for breakfast at the Ocean View Bakery, which was extremely good plus it was a chance to get away from the cold.


As always there was a good variety of different cars, motorcycles, a couple of commercial vans, two tractors and to the mix and I believe four American cars thrown in.

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