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Easter Bonnet Parade 2022

After three long years due to Covid, the club finally has been able to restart our sea front shows. Due to the weather and a publicity broadcast on BBC Sussex Radio on Saturday and Sunday, the show was a fantastic success.


The cars were dressed in East Bonnets and judged by Louise and Ray Sargent the winners received an Easter egg, 1st place to Paul Brailsford and his Elva Courier (who also received the Les Fuller trophy). 2nd place went to Dave Chappell with his MG and 3rd place went to Julie and Alan Timms with their MG. As you can see from the photographs there were a great variety of vehicles.


There were lots of people parading along the East Promenade looking at the cars and chatting to their owners; a very good day was had by all. Later in the day we were told that BBC TV was going to report on the local news; this short clip was on at about 17:25, and it was estimated that 2,000 people were in attendance.


A big thank you to all participants and the public that made this the day it was.

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