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Christmas Light Parade 13 December 2014

Bexhill 100 cars dressed up their cars in the annual Christmas lights parade around the town from 4:30pm.

Santa’s little helpers at Bexhill 100 Motoring Club have been busy preparing a back-up just in case there are any problems with the reindeers on Christmas Eve. There was a great turnout of festively decorated classic cars on the day – probably the biggest and best lights run that we have had.  People who saw the parade said it was great fun, and all participants were very jolly. The sleigh designers are full of ideas to make it even more special for next Christmas!!  Santa’s hot rod sleigh and the cars took a ride all around Bexhill town after dark, to spread some Christmas cheer there were many people waving getting in the mood to have a wonderful 2014 Christmas. This sleigh was made from some of the profits from this year’s Anglo/French market, and with the expertise and assorted skills of Bexhill 100 Motoring Club’s members.


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