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Nick Bacon - 1915 Hudson Six-Forty


Nick Bacon with his 1915 Hudson

Here is Nick Bacon with his 1915 Hudson Six-forty. This car was found in a barn in Nebraska in 1990 and according to records had been in the barn since around 1919. It was sold at Sotherby's in 1991 and since has had only 2 owners, the present one being Nick. After buying the car Nick found the engine block was cracked, so during 2005 the engine was stripped, repaired and put back together. This amazing car has had very little work done to the body, apart from a general wipe ove with an oily rag. It can often be seen at Bexhill 100 Motoring Club events. Last year it took pride of place on the Bexhill 100 Motoring Club stand at the classic car show held in November at the N.E.C. in Birmingham.

The 1914 Hudson

The Hudson seen at the N.E.C. in Birmingham

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