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The Bexhill 100 Motoring Club

PO Box 159

Bexhill - on - Sea

East Sussex

TN39 3XE

Bexhill 100 Motoring Club

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Bexhill on Sea - The Birthplace of British Motor Racing (1902)

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Murder Mistery Friday Night Run

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Your Events Organiser Chris Speck has been brutally murdered by one of the committee members.

Your mission is to solve the crime and help the grieving widow Heidi Speck find the murderer.



Chris Speck is a local taxi driver and also co-owns 1066 Country Estates with his wife Heidi. He was found in the 1066 office in Little Common (which you will be passing but not stopping).

We know he had his taxi serviced at BJL in Beeching Road, then he went for a coffee. He then had a meeting with a committee member at Egerton Park Bowls Club, he then went to the The Old Bathing Station, ending up back at 1066 Country Estates where the crime took place.

Your objective is to find and visit these places. Along the way there will be specific clues. Solve the clues and return to the Old Bathing Station (Stella’s) for the mystery to be solved.


Bexhill 100 Chairman, Egerton Park Bowls Club member, table tennis player and member of the Bexhill Forum. He is also a keen gardener and is often found at the Old Fart’s Garage with Charlie Rowland.

(Roger’s Alibi)

I was at the garage with Charlie Rowland at the time of the murder, working on Charlie’s Jeep. Charlie had gone to get some parts and we were fitting them on his Jeep. I am shocked at hearing the news of this murder and have no idea who committed the crime.

(Roger’s Motive)

Chris takes over the committee meetings and expects to get his own way all the time. He is undermining my authority.



Bexhill 100 Vice-Chairman, also a taxi driver with extensive local knowledge of Bexhill. Interested in most old things, trains & transport and was in the Merchant Navy.

(Dave’s Alibi)

I was at the time taking a passenger to Gatwick but cannot remember who. I have no idea who committed the crime but I think it could be a few of the committee members.

(Dave’s Motive)

Chris keeps nicking my customers to Gatwick and has threatened to take over the Vice-Chairman’s job.


Club Treasurer and co-owner of Rowallen Fisheries where the Bexhill 100 have their Teddy Bear’s picnic, also runs the Old Fart’s Garage. Recently returned from a family trip to Canada.

(Charlie’s Alibi)

I spent the day in the workshop, welding under my Jeep which was up on the ramp. Chris had been helping earlier in the day but had left long before I lowered the ramp. Ray and Graham were also in the workshop working on Roger’s car but left shortly before me but after Chris. Arrived home by 5.00pm in order to watch Pointless (which I never miss) and spent the rest of the evening at home with my wife.

(Charlie’s Motive)

I was hired by Lynn Brailsford to deal with Chris after the poppet pins and restraining order failed to stop his obsession with Lynn’s knitting. The constant stream of patterns posted through her door and left tucked under her wiper blades whenever she parked, knitting needles planted all around her garden and balls of wool thrown at her windows all night proved to be too much! After ‘accidentally’ crushing him under the ramp I dumped his body in the doorway of his knitting supplies shop in St Leonards Road and dressed him to look like a tramp sleeping it off.

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