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The Bexhill 100 Motoring Club

PO Box 159

Bexhill - on - Sea

East Sussex

TN39 3XE

Bexhill 100 Motoring Club

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Bexhill on Sea - The Birthplace of British Motor Racing (1902)

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January Club Meeting 2015

The Club meeting was held on 23rd January (the club meetings are always held on the fourth Friday of every month).

This meeting was the last that was organised by Chris and Heidi, the new organisers for our Friday meetings has been taken over by Graham and Sue Dickinson, any ideas for our meetings please contact them.  

This was a special night the Chris and Heidi organised in fact it was a “THIS IS YOUR LIFE” for Pauline Forward. Everybody had a fantastic evening with lots of jokes, I am sorry to say possibly at the expense of Pauline but she took it all in good intentions. Her family turned out to see her. The idea was put forward to get an experience of “Wing Walking” for her but she said “no way” this may still be on the cards watch this space! A thanks you must go to Chris and Heidi for the idea, Lynn for preparing the slide show pictures and Pauline’s family for the information on her.

Charlie Rowland won the competition that we had on the New Years Run.

Tom King won the November Flagman competition, he was told it was for £1000 to do up his Morgan (Charlie the treasurer nearly had a hart attack) but it was for £10.

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