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Club Night 28th November

A Very Special Thank You to the kind members of the Bexhill 100 Motoring Club who raised £159 pounds for our Youth Workshop this evening We will put it towards the wiring loom for our workshop van ( Piglet). Great Evening, our presentation went well, everyone said how they enjoyed it. Thank you to Paul & Lynn Brailsford for their help and support this evening, and to our Dan for helping with setting up our displays this evening. A thank you also to Pauline for organising the raffle. This evening was such a success we have been asked to do another talk & display for another local organisation about Pit-Stop Youth Workshop/Bexhill Youth Service. Thank you guys. Lee Dunn


Mike Rosner also said a few word. This was Mike and Pauline’s last FLAGMAN (November issue) he thanked everybody that who had contributed articles and photographers for our magazine over the last two and a half years. He wished the new editor success and best wishes takeing on the job.

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Photographs by Dave Scott

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