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007 Bond Quiz Night

On 9th October the club held is Friday run/quiz. This was held at Sovereign Light Cafe. The night was well attended so the cafe was fully booked, as you have seen from the poster we had a roast dinner.


The evening was a fantastic success. The quiz was up to Heidi and Chris’s usual standard, with numbers pages requesting the names of actresses including which film they were in. Some of the many cars that have also appeared but not the name of the cars but which film they were in. The dates of some of the films, what gadgets were in the Aston Martin that was in Gold Finger. How many films did Sean Connery and Roger Moor make in the series, plus many more. As you can see they were quite fiendish as usual. The winners were Steve and Janie Parker, Lee Dunn and Dan Elliott, congratulations.


A big thank you to Heidi and Chris for organising this night and also a big thank you to Stella and the staff at the Sovereign Light Cafe for a fantastic night.


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