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AGM & Club Meeting 26th May 2017

Our Annual General Meeting took place at Egerton Park Bowls Club on Friday 26 May.  The meeting was well attended and as reports about the happenings through the year had already been circulated it proceeded briskly.  It was announced during the evening that Chris Speck will no longer be organising Club Events (as he has taken over running the Club Nights from Graham and Sue Dickinson).  If anyone has any good ideas for a Club outing, they were invited to contact a Committee member.

A bouquet was presented to Anne Leggat, who stood down from Committee, as a gesture of thanks for all the work she has done looking after Regalia for the Club. Dave Foster has kindly offered to take over this role.


The unsung hero award went to Frances Rowland, who bravely keeps the wheels turning behind the scenes looking after the membership lists, subscriptions and the trade stalls for the car show.

The existing officers – Chairman (Roger Gillett); Treasurer (Charlie Rowland) and Secretary (Lynn Brailsford) remain unopposed for the next year, and your new committee members are: Chris Speck; Paul Brailsford; Graham Dickinson; Julie Timms; Dave Foster and Heidi Speck.  

The four charities who will be supported at this year’s Polegrove Show will be:

•Pelham CIO

•Special Kids Bexhill

•4 x 4 Assist

•And Charity for Kids (Hastings & Rother)

Treasurer, Charlie Rowland was pleased to announce that as last year’s Classic Car Show was such a success, there is enough money put by for this year’s show and the Club funds are healthy.

Photographs provided by Dave Scott and Paul Brailsford.

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