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Bexhill on Sea - The Birthplace of British Motor Racing (1902)

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Rover P62000SC Mk2 1972

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4 cylinders OHC

5 crankshaft bearings

Bore: 85.7mm, Stroke: 85.7mm

Displacement: 1,978cc

Valves: Pushrod/overhead 8

Compression ratio: 10.0 to 1

Carburettors: two SU

Power output: 114bhp at 5,500rpm

Torque: 126 ft/lb at 3,500rpm



Maximum speed: 108mph

0-50mph: 8.6secs

0-60mph: 12.2secs

Approx fuel consumption: 22.4mpgsumption: 33mpg


Wheels & tyres

5 stud, 16in pressed steel

6.50 x 14in radial tyres


Rack and pinion


Dimensions & Weight

Wheelbase: 103.3in

Track - front: 53.4in

Track - rear: 51.7in

Overall length: 179.8in

Overall width: 66in

Overall height: 55.7in

Ground clearance: 6.1in

Turning circle: 35.8 ft

Fuel tank: 15gals

Kerb weight: 25.5cwt


P6 Production

1963-76: 64,042 produced

Launched in 1963 based on a design by David Bache of Rover and largely inspired by the Citroen DS, the Rover P6 was the first ever car to receive the “European Car of the Year” Award.

Aimed  at a gap in the market between the medium sized  car example Ford Consul / Singer Gazelle and the larger 3 litre models such as the Austin Westminster, the P6 was innovative in that it it had coil sprung De Dion rear suspension with all round disc brakes fitted to a “Unibody”  the design of which consisted  non-stressed panels bolted to a  monocoque frame. The car had a large  engine bay, which enabled  Rovers gas turbine engine to be accommodated and subsequently permitted the use of a larger 3500 V8 Buick sourced engine. The Rover P6 was built in Solihull England, New Zealand and South Africa. It’s innovative design enables it to be a very usable car on today’s roads.


This particular car was supplied new by a main dealer in Surrey in December 1972, it was later sold to a gentleman in Alfriston East Sussex from where it passed to the current owner in 1992. The car which has Almond ( Not Yellow!) paintwork and a black leather interior is the 2000 Single Carburettor Mk2 model,  The car has covered 57,000 miles from new. Option Extras include front headrests (nicknamed ET,s because of their shape), rear headrests, a boot mounted spare wheel (this released space in the rather cramped boot!) and Minilite wheels.


4-speed manual

rear wheel drive



Power assisted

Front: discs, Rear: inboard disc



Non-stressed steel outer panels bolted on unitary steel body with safety cage



Front: Independent coil, anti-roll bar

Rear: de Dion tube suspension