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Ford Model Y 1934

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It was in production in England, where it is sometimes remembered as the "Ford Eight", reflecting its fiscal horsepower rating, from 1932 until September 1937.

The car was also produced in France (where it was known as the Ford 6 CV, despite actually falling within the 5CV French car tax band) from 1932 to 1934, and in Germany as the Ford Köln from 1933 to 1936.

Smaller numbers were assembled in Australia (where a coupé version was also produced), Japan, Latvia (branded as the Ford Junior) and in Spain nicknamed as the Ford Forito. Plans to build it in the U.S. were scrubbed when a cost accounting showed that it would only be slightly cheaper to build than the Ford Model B.

For the first 14 months the original model with a short radiator grille was produced, this is known as the "short rad". After this in October 1933 the "long rad" model, with its longer radiator grille and front bumper with the characteristic dip was produced. By gradually improving production efficiency and by simplifying the body design the cost of a "Popular" Model Y was reduced to £100, making it the cheapest true 4-seater saloon ever, although most customers were persuaded to pay extra for a less austere version. Both 4-door (Fordor) and 2-door (Tudor) saloons were produced and these could be had either with a fixed roof, or the slightly more expensive sliding "sun" roof.


4 cylinder in-line,

Valves: side, 8

Crankshaft bearings: 3

Displacement: 933cc

Bore: 56.6mm

Stroke: 92.5mm

Compression ratio: 6.2 to 1

Valves: 2 per cylinder

Carburettors: one down-draught

Power output: 23.4bhp at 4,000rpm



Maximum speed: 59mph

Acceleration 0-50: 24secs

Fuel consumption: 35mpg



4 wheel mechanical,

drums all round


Worm and nut



3 forward speed manual Synchromesh on

top 2 gears

Rear wheel drive



Steel body on separate

pressed steel channel chassis.



Front & Rear: Beam axle, transverse leaf


Wheels & Tyres

Bolt on welded 17in wire

4.50 x 17 tyres

Dimensions & Weight

Wheelbase: 7ft 6in

Track F: 3ft 9in

Track R: 3ft 9in

Overall length: 11ft 9in

Overall width: 4ft 7in

Overall height: 5ft 3in

Ground clearance: 5in

Turning circle: 33ft

Kerb weight: 15.5cwt

Fuel tank 6.5gals


'Y' Production

1932 - 1937

at Dagenham

135,238 saloons

29,606 vans

Total 164,844


Price at launch: £120